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Green Infrastructure
Stormwater Management in New Orleans: Green Infrastructure Video
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What is Green Infrastructure?
Green infrastructure uses vegetation, soils, and natural processes to manage water and create healthier urban environments. Green infrastructure refers to stormwater management systems that mimic nature by soaking up and storing water.

For more information, visit the United States Environmental Protection Agency website.
Why is Green Infrastructure Important?
Stormwater runoff from urban areas delivers many pollutants to our canals, lakes, and rivers-including pathogens, nutrients, sediment and heavy metals. By retaining rainfall where it lands, green infrastructure reduces flooding and improves the quality of our surrounding water bodies. Water that is retained can infiltrate into the ground and recharge groundwater. Stormwater that is detained is treated naturally by GI before it enters our canals, lakes, and rivers.
Examples of Green Infrastructure
Downspout Disconnection, Rainwater Harvesting (Rain Barrels and rain Cisterns), Rain Gardens, Bioswales, Permeable Pavements, Bio-retention Cells, Green Roofs, French Drain (i.e. Gravel Trench), and native tree plantings.
S&WB Green Infrastructure Grants
Information related to Sewerage and Water Board Green Infrastructure Grants.
Federal Funding
Information related to Federal Funding relating the Green Infrastructure Project.
Intergovernmental Partnerships
Information related to Intergovernmental Partnerships.
Green Infrastructure Resources
Documents and resources related to Green Infrastructure.
Map of Green Infrastructure Projects
The Sewerage and Water Board issued Requests for Proposals from qualified environmental professionals to implement a variety of GI projects which include education, outreach, and installation of demonstration projects. SWB will spend $2.5 million averaged over 5 years on these projects.

This map illustrates the variety of projects we are implementing as well as progress toward our goal of reaching all neighborhoods across the city. Also shown on the map are GI projects permitted by the City of New Orleans - New Orleans Redevelopment Authority (NORA) Stormwater Lots and commercial developments that went through Stormwater Management Plan review by the City Planning Commission.

Click on each location in the map to find out more information about each project.
Have questions or need additional information? Contact the Environmental Affairs Department.
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