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Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans
Our mission is to provide safe drinking water to everyone in New Orleans; to remove waste water for safe return to the environment; to drain away storm water; to provide water for fire protection; to provide information about products and services; and to do all of this continuously at a reasonable cost to the community.
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Sanitation Fee Update: Accounts that billed on Nov. 29 mistakenly printed with a sanitation fee
Updated 12/1/2021 3:21:03 PM

We've opened a critical case with our vendor to correct the issue and are in the process of voiding these bills & rebilling the accounts with corrected bills.

Customers should expect a new bill in the coming weeks with an explanation on the bill & a new due date. If you're on auto-pay, your bill will be corrected before it withdraws your account. If you've paid the sanitation fee, you will see a credit balance reflected on future bills.

We apologize for this inconvenience, but appreciate your patience as we work to make the necessary corrections. As always, if you have a questions about your SWBNO account or bill, please call 52-WATER.

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