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Intergovernmental Parnterships
Parks & Parkways Dept.
A Cooperative Endeavor Agreement (CEA) between the City of New Orleans Department of Parks & Parkways (DPP) and the Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans (SWBNO) was established to fund development and Implementation of green Infrastructure projects, a community outreach program, and a Geographic Information System (GIS) asset database.
City Planning
On May 14, 2015 the New Orleans City Council adopted the new Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance (CZO), with an effective date August 12, 2015. SWB will continue to work closely with the City of New Orleans City Planning Commission (CPC) in implementing the City's stormwater management regulations. Landscape, Stormwater Management and Screening regulations can be found in Article 23 of the new CZO.
The SWBNO Green Infrastructure Monitoring Project (link to Federal Funding) directly supports the New Orleans Redevelopment Authority (NORA) Pontilly Project, which is comprehensive plan for alternative stormwater mitigation using vacant land, green infrastructure, and low impact development solutions.
Department of Public Works
SWB coordinates closely with the Department of Public Works to ensure that each party realizes their role and satisifies their responsibilities.
  • DPW has authority over all parts of the street (i.e. subsurface drainage lines smaller than thirty-six inches (36") in diameter, or the equivalent in arched pipe; all catch basins and catch basin laterals; and manholes designed to accommodate lines less than 36" in diameter).
  • SWB has authority over all parts of the major drainage systems (i.e. drainage line 36& and larger; and manholes designed to accommodate both subsurface and major drain lines).
Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Permittees
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