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Current Archived ( 2022 2021 2020 & Older )
Contract Posted
2022-SWB-74 Rubber P.V.C. Hip Boots and Knee Boots (Re-Bid) 2/6/2023
2022-SWB-88 Ferric Sulfate 2/1/2023
2022-SWB-52 Install and Supply 20 to 22-Inch Industrial Metal Saw 1/4/2023
2022-SWB-77 Lime 1/4/2023
2022-SWB-72 Sewer Repair Couplings 1/3/2023
2022-SWB-70 Hand Tools, Hardware Supplies, Paint and Paint Supplies 1/3/2023
2022-SWB-74 Rubber P.V.C. Hip and Knee Boots 1/3/2023
2022-SWB-73 Full Stainless Steel Repair and Tap Clamps 1/3/2023
2022-SWB-71 Paper Products and Janitorial Supplies 1/3/2023
To obtain additional information regarding these tabulations, contact the Purchasing Department.
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