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Current Archived ( 2021 2020 2019 & Older )
Contract Posted
YW22-0009 Solid Wall (PVC) Pipe 5/12/2022
YW22-0011 Meter Boxes and Meter Box Parts 5/12/2022
YW22-0010 #1 All Purpose Rag Wipers 5/12/2022
Consulting Services for the Procurement Support for Contract Operations and Maintenance Services 5/2/2022
1438 Combustion-Turbine Generator 7 4/11/2022
30227 Mid-City Basin No. 1 Sewer Rehabilitation 3/29/2022
CM220006 Furnishing Liquid Polyphosphate 3/24/2022
30245 Mid-City Basin No. 3 Sewer Rehabilitation 3/22/2022
1419 Turbine Generator 7 Procurement 2/25/2022
AL220001 & CM220001 Furnishing Ferric Sulfate 2/24/2022
RFP - Advanced Metering Infrasture (AMI), Meters and System 2/18/2022
30244 Cleaning and CCTV Inspection Of Sanitary Sewer Mains At Scattered Sites Within Orleans Parish 1/21/2022
2158 Water Main Point Repairs 1/21/2022
2159 Water Main Point Repairs 1/21/2022
YW22-0001 #1 All Purpose Rag Wipers 1/6/2022
8166 Repaving Open Cuts in Driveways and Sidewalks Resulting from the Repair to S&WB Utilities 1/3/2022
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