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SWBNO completing repairs at Louisiana and South Claiborne, citywide water pressure expected to stabilize
For Immediate Release
April 10, 2019

Today, the Sewerage and Water Board (SWBNO) is finishing repairs to a water main at South Claiborne and Louisiana avenues, a major undertaking that is impacting water pressure across New Orleans.

Water pressure at SWBNO’s official monitoring sites has remained above the state mandatory minimum of 20 pounds per square inch (psi), eliminating the need for any precautionary boil water advisory at this time. We are taking additional readings at hydrants around the city to gain a full understanding of the project’s impact.

SWBNO and its contractor, Wallace C. Drennan Construction, completed the water main repair at Claiborne and Louisiana around 3 p.m. and have begun to restore water service to normal levels. As underground water valves are reopened, instances of low water pressure across the city are expected to improve and stabilize.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at 52-WATER.

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