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Sewerage and Water Board Continues Working to Repair Leak at Carrollton Water Plant
For Immediate Release
November 18, 2020

Residents in New Orleans East, the Lower 9th Ward and those Who Live in Multi-Story Buildings Should Expect Lower than Normal Water Pressure


New Orleans – The Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans (SWBNO) is working to repair a leak on a 50’’ water main at the Carrollton Water Plant. The broken main was installed between 1935 and 1936. Until the repair is made, residents farthest from the plant, in New Orleans East, the Lower 9th Ward and those who live in multi-story buildings, should expect lower than normal water pressure. We anticipate completing the repair by the end of the week.

We are continuing to closely monitor water pressure throughout the city.

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Water leaves our Carrollton Water Plant at approximately 70 psi. As it travels across the city through our network of water mains, pressure naturally decreases the further away from the plant it gets and the higher up it has to be  pumped. That is why areas farthest from the plant and those in multi-story buildings are experiencing impacts.

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