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Update on Pumping and Power Status ahead of Tropical Storm Nicholas
For Immediate Release
September 13, 2021

The Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans (SWBNO) is prepared and ready to respond to potential impacts from Tropical Storm Nicholas.

Currently, 95 of 99 drainage pumps are available for service. The pumps that are down are located at DPS 14 in New Orleans East, DPS 6 in Lakeview near Metairie Road, DPS 12 in Lakeview near Lake Marina Drive and DPS 13 on the Westbank. 

All underpass drainage pump stations are available for use. 

Regarding power: Turbine 4, Turbine 5 and Turbine 6 are all available for service. Four Electro-Motive Diesel generators are available (EMD #1 is undergoing fan upgrades for noise mitigation) and all Frequency Changers are in service and are ready for use.

Areas that normally flood during heavy rain events could take longer to drain, depending on rain intensity and coverage.

We will increase staffing to ensure that all teams are working cohesively in order to ensure a swift and appropriate response to any unforeseen situations. Our teams will coordinate to effectively utilize every kilowatt of power we have available to reduce flood risk associated with intense rainfall.

For continued updates, follow @SWBNewOrleans on FacebookInstagram and Twitter for updates. 

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