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Current Archived ( 2020 2019 2018 & Older )
Contract Posted
AL200048 & CM200045 Furnishing Liquid Ferric Sulfate Rebid 12/18/2020
YW210001 Furnishing Meter Boxes and Meter Box Parts 12/18/2020
RFP SWBNO Green Infrastructure Site Renovations 12/11/2020
CONTRACT 1414, Static Frequency Converter 12/9/2020
8165 Repaving Open Cuts in Driveways & Sidewalks Resulting from the Repair to SWB Underground Utilit 11/16/2020
AL200048 & CM200045 Furnishing Liquid Ferric Sulfate 11/13/2020
MH20-0024 11/13/2020
Leak Detection & Fire Flow Testing Services 10/1/2020
2145 - Water main point repairs, water service connection, water valve and fire hydrant replacement 9/22/2020
AL200028 & CM200031 Furnishing Flurorosilicic Acid 8/20/2020
AL200027 & CM200030 Furnishing Anhydrous Ammonia 8/13/2020
Contract 1403 Demolition of Abandoned C-7 and C-8 Basins and Other Site Improvements at the CWP 8/10/2020
YW20-0013 Hoses & Accessories 7/30/2020
YW20-0014 Full Circle Stainless Steel Repair & Tap Clamps 7/30/2020
YW20-0011 Sewer Repair Couplings 7/30/2020
2142 - Water Main Line Replacements and Extensions at Scattered Locations Throughout Orleans 7/23/2020
2143 Water main line replacements and extensions at scattered locations throughout Orleans Parish 7/22/2020
Contract 2144 - Water Main Point Repairs, Water Service Connection, Water Valve And Fire Hydrant 7/10/2020
2145 Water Main Point Repairs, Water Service Connection, Water Valve and Fire Hydrant Replacement 7/10/2020
YW20-0009 Industrial Welding Gases 7/10/2020
YW20-0010 Hot Mix Asphalt 7/10/2020
GI20-0002 Automatic Transmissions in Automobiles and Small Trucks 6/25/2020
Geotechnical Engineering and Material Testing Services Pool RFQ 6/17/2020
Property/Casualty Insurance Marketing and Other Ancillary Services RFP 6/16/2020
YW20-0006 Furnishing Safety Supplies 5/28/2020
HL190038 5/19/2020
Furnishing Lime AL200005 5/6/2020
RFP#123460-20 Rebid AMI Services 5/1/2020
Information System Management RFP 4/30/2020
RFQ for Engineering Services for Power Frequency Converter at Carrollton Water Plant 4/6/2020
Rescinding Notification of Intent to Award AMI RFP 4/2/2020
Bayou Saint John Green Infrastructure Demonstration Project 4/1/2020
Property Appraisal and Flood Elevation RFP 4/1/2020
Investment Consulting Services RFP 2/28/2020
ES190186 Industrial Batteries 2/21/2020
PM200023 Maintenance of Air Conditioning and Heating 2/21/2020
Integrated Master Planning RFI 2/18/2020
YG20-0005 Automotive Remanufactured Engines and Related Parts 1/30/2020
YG20-0004 Automatic Transmissions in Medium and Heavy-Duty Trucks 1/30/2020
GI20-0002 Automatic Transmissions in Automobiles and Small Trucks 1/30/2020
3742 Cleaning and CCTV Inspection of Sanitary Sewer Mains at Scattered Sites Within Orleans Parish 1/28/2020
CN30214 South Shore Sewer Rehabiliation No. 2 1/23/2020
1409 Repairing Leaks by Flowable Fill Injection 1/17/2020
CN30224 South Shore Sewer Rehabilitation No. 5 1/17/2020
CN30223 South Shore Sewer Rehabilitation No. 4 1/17/2020
CN30213 South Shore Sewer Rehabilittion No. 1 1/17/2020
CN30222 South Shore Sewer Rehabilitation No 3 1/17/2020
MR190009 HandHeld Mobile Computers/Maintenance & Repair 1/17/2020
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