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Education and Outreach
The Environmental Affairs Education and Outreach Section aims to connect all those with an interest in pretreatment, stormwater, green infrastructure, wastewater, or other environmental concerns with the resources they need.
We Visit You
Ripple Effect
  • School Visits
    We can introduce K-12 students to grade level appropriate water curriculum and deliver a watershed lesson that fits your needs.
  • Community Group Visits
    We can meet with your community group, club, or organization to provide information and resources about water management in Orleans Parish.
  • Festivals/Conferences/Events
    We can bring tailored environmental outreach materials to your event; facilitate, table or talk.
  • Enviroscape
    A Storm Water Demonstration that increase student awareness about local environmental issues.
Special Programs
The Environmental Affairs Department is willing to partner with you on special programs geared toward improving water quality and enhancing stormwater management.
Storm Drain Stenciling Program

By-You Drainscapes Program

SWBNO, The City of New Orleans, and the Arts Council of New Orleans are partnering with the Port of New Orleans on the By-You Drainscapes Program

The program will employ artists from the Greater New Orleans region to paint storm drains in an effort to:

  • Educate the public by creating eye-catching murals people will discover and visit, building interest in stormwater infrastructure and pollution prevention
  • Promote ownership, community stewardship, awareness and responsibility for impacts to water quality and infrastructure in the Greater New Orleans Region
  • Provide a new layer of tourism that emphasizes direct connections of storm drains to water quality and the environment
  • Educate students by connecting curriculum and involving schools in the art installation process on their properties
  • Develop awareness campaigns centered around murals to continue to build public awareness and educational opportunities beyond art on the ground
For more information about Education and Outreach opportunities contact Environmental Affairs at (504) 942-3856.
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